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Men's Cycling Pants and Bib Shorts
Men's Cycling Pants and Bib Shorts

Men's Cycling Pants and Bib Shorts

Cycle-Run Cycling Shorts: A Cyclist’s Treasure

For the free spirits like you, cycling is more than just a physical activity. Every cyclist experiences a surge of happy hormones after a long ride, which makes cycling thrilling.

Long-distance cycling demands comfort and with the right cycling shorts, your long rides will feel like a breeze.

Cycling Shorts are ideal for cushioning and reducing friction while cycling. If you’re looking to buy cycling shorts and clothing, Cycle-run is your one-stop shop!

So, Why Cycling Shorts?

Cycling shorts are designed to provide comfort to the rider. They are not only useful in decreasing friction but also provide better cushioning to facilitate smooth riding. At Cycle-run we design cycling shorts that have:

  • Ideal Absorption threshold to absorb excessive sweat
  • Integrated with Cool-Max technology for thermodynamics
  • Great breathability and adequate ventilation

The Things You Should Consider in Cycling Shorts!

A high-end cycling short is the most essential part of cycling gear. Thus, we incorporate certain critical features while designing cycling shorts for the ultimate cycling experience. Here are some of the features of Cycle-run’s cycling shorts:

High-Quality Durable Fabric

Our cycling shorts are tailored using the finest fabric for improved durability.

Fluid movement with reduced friction

Smooth hip and leg movements are required while cycling. These cycling shorts will give you effortless mobility while reducing friction between the thighs.

Anti-sweat and water-resistant fabric

We manufacture shorts that are waterproof and can absorb a lot of sweat which ensures that the cyclist remains cool and dry throughout the ride.

Safety and comfort with 3D Gel Padding

Our shorts are made with 3D gel pads for safety and comfort in all conditions.

Trendy and Customizable fit option

In the final count, the fit of clothing for cycling is the most important consideration. Everybody is unique and thus Cycle-run offers a unique fit for all body types. We can make the best cycling shorts for you, with our assistance and your ingenuity. We also include up-to-date patterns that will make you stand out in the crowd.

Get Comfortable Cycling Shorts at an Affordable Price

Cycling Shorts are designed in such a way that they are very comfortable and breathable. The collection of cycling shorts start from minimal and affordable price. These luxury shorts give you the best mood and are easy to wear. It makes you feel very comfortable on your ride. At cycle run we offer a variety of cycling shorts, there are lengths available, you can go for whatever length which you feel is perfect for you. Comfy padded underpants are also available at cycle run which are very comfortable.

Cycling bibs we offer are available in various colours. You can pick the colour which suits you best. Reflective lines on our cycling shorts gives visibility at night which protects you from accidents that might happen while you’re riding your cycle.  Cycle Run offers 3D gel in cycling shorts which makes pants very comfortable to wear and provides you safe riding. These cycling shorts are anti-shrink and anti-sweat. As these shorts are anti-sweat you will feel less sweaty while riding your bike.

Cycling pants are made from lightweight fabric and it dries up very fast. You don't have to iron cycling shorts we offer as they are wrinkle-free, they are ready to use as soon as they are washed up. They are made from fabric processes that are people-friendly as well as eco-friendly. Every type of Size is available from XS to 5XL. At the cycle run, we offer various shorts and underpants for men and women.


Cycling is a way of life; thus, investing in the best cycling shorts will enable you to cycle through the smooth and rough roads seamlessly.


Q. Do You Ship Products Globally?

Ans. We ship our products worldwide. Tell us where you are, and we will handle the rest.

Q. How can I select the best size for me?

Ans. You can choose the best size for yourself, by going through our curated size chart.

Q. Can I Customize My Cycling Shorts at Cycle Run?

Ans. We are known for crafting customizable clothing according to our customer requirements.

Q. What is your Refund Policy?

Ans. We offer a 30-day refund policy on all Cycle Run apparel from the date of purchase

Durability and Comfort , Cool-Max ,Quick-dry technology, Anti-sweat, Breathable & Durable