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Elevate Your Style And Comfort With Premium Cycling and Triathlon wear Discover unparalleled comfort and luxury at fantastic prices — explore our collection now!

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From Our Happy Customers

From Our Happy Customers

The best for you 💚 that this start of the week is filled with lots, lots of health and thousands of blessings
— Claudia Vázquez

The Creation of a new design


Where comfort meets experience: Cycling gear by Cycle-Run

Cycling is the epitome of fitness and dedication. If you want the best experience out of your hard work, it should come with comfort. Comfort can enhance your cycling experience whether it is indoor cycling or outdoor cycling.

Cycling Apparel for everyone

Cycle-Run offers you a wide range of cycling apparel for everyone. Make way for the best cycling apparel you will ever own. We assure extremely flexible and fitting gear is for you. Our textile engineers have evolved the best durable and comforting fabric for comfort like never before. Integrated with Cool-Max technology, our apparel cools your body down with the help of your sweat, and Quick-Dry technology ensures you never feel your golden drops of hard work bothering you. Our water-absorbent material helps enjoy cycling even in rain or mist.

Cycling suits that suit your personality

Stand out from the crowd with our personalized cycling suit. We customize your cycling gear to match your personality. Cannot decide what suits your
personality? We have a wide range of premium designs to offer. Look at our catalog and decide what suits you best.

Custom Kit order process

What do we offer?

We offer a wide range of apparel to choose from:

We provide an assured 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our offerings. To top it all up, there are no shipping charges. Evolve your cycling and give your passion a new life with Cycle-Run premium cycling gear tailor-stitched just for you.


We are the first choice of professional cyclists and our clients are guaranteed
100% satisfaction using our cycling gear. Feeling conflicted about whether to choose us or not? Our previous clients have awarded us reviews. We explain what we offer and our clients explain how they feel about it. Read what they have to say and then decide.


  • What is Cycle-Run?

We are a premium cycle apparel manufacturing company that tailor-stitch personalized gear for our clients.

  • Is the 30-day money-back guarantee claim real?

We provide a 30-day money-back guarantee to each client. This has helped us build
trust and reputation for ourselves.

  • Are there discounts on Cycle-run products?

Buy two jerseys and get a bib/pants of your choice FREE! We have no shipping
charges and assure you the lowest price for customized cycling apparel.

  • Are Cycle-Run cycling gears comfortable?

Comfort is our priority and the foundation of our company values. Everything we offer
boils down to hassle-free, comfortable clothing.