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Our story

Our Approach

Cycle-Run was born out of the need for premium, performance cycling gear at affordable prices. As passionate cyclists, we at Cycle-Run only bring you what we use ourselves.

Born with passion

Cycle-Run was born in the nation with the most advanced technology! You bet our Cycle-Run gear follows suit!

Father, Husband, and Not a Fan of Cycling…!

“Hey friend, my name is Eran and just a few years ago I wouldn’t have given cycling a second look. 

In fact, I was never into sports. I was the type of person who preferred sitting at my desk all day. Working 9-5 straight into binging Netflix.

Then Covid hit. It was my free pass to do nothing all day. 

Only a few months in, I could feel my mental and physical health declining… 

That’s when I saw new athletes all over the neighbourhood, taking covid as an opportunity for a new hobby. 

From running to weight lifting, and yes, cycling. 

I decided to take this opportunity and change the trajectory of my life. I decided to take a chance on myself. 

I bought a second-hand mountain bike… However, I quickly noticed a lack of Cycling gear. 

Not just any gear, but top-notch quality at affordable prices with designs for every personality! 

I needed Cycle-Run…” - Eran Sandler

We bring you

Quality gear made of premium materials that will stand the test of time.

Comfort, confidence, and incredible performance.

Cutting edge Cycling technology at affordable prices.

Designs that suit your personality & style.